The art of design lies within the ability to create something special and unique.

Sequoia Media


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Sequoia Media

was founded in 2001 and is one of the leading design agencies for corporate publishing. We are involved in the process of designing and production of renowed magzines for customers, employees and business.

AUDI, AXA, BASF, Buhl Data Services, Citibank, DWS, Dortmunder Philharmonie, DRK, Feri Trust, kontinente Missionsverlag, KPMG, Deutsche Kapuziner Provinz, missioNL, Lufthansa Systems, Rentenbank, transtec etc.

The self owned company is run by an international and highly motivated team. We have perennial and extensive experiences in the area of print media. We are working fast, professional and downto- earth. Instead of being loquacious we prefer to act, design and provide you with the optimal solution.


The art of design is foremost the art of reduction. To limit the design to the essential creates a layout with conciseness, clarity and presence.


Our company name shall reflect our mission. The name Sequoia and all its association perfectly reflect the image we have of our company.

Sequoia – is a huge national parc in the United States. The name derives from the Sequoia giant redwood trees, the biggest and oldest trees in the world, which even resist forest fires. To us the tree is metaphor for growth and reliability – thus we named our company after the Sequoia trees and created three columns for our company logo. 

Sequoyah – Native American from the tribe of the Cherokees, 1766 till 1843. He was the first to develop a scripture for a native american language and teached thousands reading and writing. In 1828 he published the first Native American Newspaper. A pioneer in communication and journalism, who put his tribe with the help of his innovations in a leading position among the Native American tribes.

Sequoia Media

We provide our customers with a full service – Starting with the company website to all publications. We have a first-class and international network of editors, picture editors, illustrators, photographers, web-designers and lectors. Our network is flexible and can be arranged to the needs of our customers.

The products of sequoia media
:: give presence to companies and their products
:: inspire the viewers
:: celebrate the wealth of design
:: create substance instead of glossy surfaces
:: have the essential in focus
:: give clarity
:: are effective through presence of diversity

Corporate Publishing

To us Corporate Publishing means to create more presence for our customers, e.g. their products are elevated through optimal design of publications. We draft, oversee and produce magazines and customer magazines for new development as well as for relaunches.

Corporate Design

To us corporate design means to visualize, design, create and optimize the representation of companies. We develop individual logos, colors and fonts for companies. We create imagebrochures, posters and flyers.

Graphical consultancy

We provide our customers at any time with our know-how and the knowhow of our partners to create the best result. We advise you thoroughly and comprehensible regarding all pros and cons of the art of graphics-design, always considering the newest developments design. We highly value the sensitivity and concentration for the context of the requirements of products of our customers, as well as the creation of innovative trends in Coporate Design and Corporate Publishing.